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Complimentary Bus Service

The Hacienda Vista Hermosa lies on the outskirts of San José Vista Hermosa a small town located 128 km (80 miles) from Mexico City’s International Airport in Morelos State .

Complimentary bus service from Mexico City’s airport to Hacienda Vista Hermosa will be available.

We have checked incoming flight schedules from most major cities in Asia, Europe, North and South America (both direct and one-stop flights). Bus trips to the venue will run with the following shedules:

Monday September 24th Schedule

Buses depart Mexico City Airport at
(Mexico City time UTC-5)

  • 12:00hrs
  • 15:00hrs
  • 17:30hrs
  • 20:00hrs

Tuesday September 25th Schedule

Buses depart Mexico City Airport at
(Mexico City time UTC-5)

  • 08:00hrs
  • 12:00hrs
  • 14:30hrs
  • 16:00hrs

Saturday September 29th Schedule

Buses depart Hacienda Vista Hermosa at
(Mexico City time UTC-5)

  • 04:00hrs
  • 07:30hrs
  • 09:30hrs
  • 12:00hrs

Location to take the bus at Mexico City’s International Airport:

  • Terminal 1: TBA
  • Terminal 2: TBA

Please note: Any participant not arriving on September 24th or 25th, or departing on September 29th will need to arrange for their own transportation. Please see below for alternative transportation and contact the Meeting organizers for assistance.

Maps & Getting there

By Plane

Mexico City: Mexico City International Airport

  • Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México, AICM.
  • Officially: Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez (English: Benito Juárez International Airport).

The airport connects more than 50 international destinations in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia.

The following table displays direct flights for most international destinations:

Airlines Destinations


Amsterdam , Bogotá , Boston , Buenos Aires-Ezeiza , Calgary , Cancún , Chicago-O'Hare , Chihuahua , Culiacán , Detroit , Guadalajara , Havana , Hermosillo , Las Vegas , Lima , London-Heathrow , Los Angeles , Madrid , Mazatlán , Medellín-JMC , Mérida , Mexicali , Miami , Monterrey , Montréal-Trudeau , New York-JFK , Orlando , Panama City , Paris-Charles de Gaulle , Portland (OR) (begins December 1, 2017), [42] Puerto Vallarta , Quito , San Francisco , San José del Cabo , San José de Costa Rica , Santiago de Chile , São Paulo-Guarulhos , Seattle/Tacoma , [43] Seoul-Incheon , Shanghai-Pudong , Tijuana , Tokyo-Narita , Toronto-Pearson , Torreón/Gómez Palacio , Tuxtla Gutierrez , Vancouver , Villahermosa , Washington-Dulles
Seasonal: Acapulco , Ciudad del Carmen , Ciudad Juárez , Denver , Houston-Intercontinental , Sacramento , Salt Lake City (resumes December 23, 2017), [44] San Jose (CA) (begins June 1, 2018), [45] Tapachula

Aeroméxico Connect

Acapulco , Aguascalientes , Austin , Campeche , Cancún , Chihuahua , Ciudad del Carmen , Ciudad Juárez , Ciudad Obregón , Colima , Culiacán , Dallas/Fort Worth , Durango , Guadalajara , Guatemala City , Hermosillo , Houston-Intercontinental , Huatulco , Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo , La Paz , León/El Bajío , Los Mochis , Managua , Manzanillo , Matamoros (ends January 12, 2018), [46] Mazatlán , Mérida , Mexicali , Minatitlán/Coatzacoalcos , Monterrey , Morelia , Nuevo Laredo , Oaxaca , Puerto Vallarta , Querétaro , Reynosa , San Antonio , San José del Cabo , San Luis Potosí , San Pedro Sula , San Salvador , Santo Domingo-Las Américas , Tampico , Tapachula , Tijuana , Torreón/Gómez Palacio , Tuxtla Gutiérrez , Veracruz , Villahermosa , Zacatecas

Air Canada Rouge

Toronto-Pearson , Vancouver

Air France

Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Alaska Airlines

Los Angeles , San Francisco

Alaska Airlines
operated by SkyWest Airlines

Los Angeles , San Diego [47]



All Nippon Airways


American Airlines

Charlotte , Dallas/Fort Worth , Los Angeles , Miami , Phoenix-Sky Harbor



Avianca Costa Rica

San José de Costa Rica

Avianca El Salvador

San Salvador

Avianca Peru


British Airways


China Southern Airlines

Guangzhou , Vancouver

Copa Airlines

Panama City

Cubana de Aviación


Delta Air Lines

Atlanta , Detroit , Los Angeles (begins December 1, 2017), [48] New York-JFK , Salt Lake City




Acapulco , Aguascalientes (resumes December 15, 2017), [49] Bogotá , Campeche (resumes December 15, 2017), [49] Cancún , Chetumal , Chicago-O'Hare , Chihuahua , Ciudad del Carmen , Ciudad Juárez , Ciudad Obregón , Cozumel , Culiacán , Dallas/Fort Worth , Guadalajara , Guatemala City , Havana , Hermosillo , Houston-Intercontinental , Huatulco , Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo , Las Vegas , León/El Bajío , Lima , Los Angeles , Mazatlán , Mérida , Miami , Minatitlán/Coatzacoalcos (resumes December 15, 2017), [49] Monterrey , Montréal-Trudeau , New York-JFK , Oaxaca , Orlando/Sanford , Palenque , Puerto Escondido , Puerto Vallarta , San Antonio , San José del Cabo , San José de Costa Rica , San Luis Potosí , Santa Clara , Tampico , Tijuana , Toronto-Pearson , Torreón/Gómez Palacio , Tuxtla Gutiérrez , Vancouver , Varadero , Veracruz , Villahermosa

JetBlue Airways

Fort Lauderdale , Orlando



LATAM Brasil

São Paulo--Guarulhos


Santiago de Chile




Frankfurt , Munich

Southwest Airlines


United Airlines

Chicago-O'Hare , Denver , Houston-Intercontinental , Los Angeles , Newark , San Francisco , Washington-Dulles

United Express



Cancún , Chetumal , Chicago-O'Hare , Chihuahua , Culiacán , Guadalajara , Hermosillo , Huatulco , Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo , La Paz , Las Vegas , Los Angeles , Los Mochis , Mazatlán , Mérida , Mexicali , Miami , Monterrey , New York-JFK , Oaxaca , Orlando , Puerto Vallarta , San Antonio , [51] San Francisco , San José del Cabo , Tapachula , Tijuana , Tuxtla Gutiérrez , Villahermosa
Seasonal: Oakland


Calgary (begins March 14, 2018), [52] [53] Vancouver (begins March 15, 2018) [52] [54]

By Bus

Mexico City to Cuernavaca: The Pullman de Morelos bus line runs trips every thirty minutes between 6:10 and 20:10, and every hour between 4:10 and 6:10, and from 20:50 to 0:40, from Mexico city’s airport to Cuernavaca-Casino de la Selva bus station.

To go from Cuernavaca to Hacienda Vista Hermosa, please ask for assistance to the Meeting organizers.

By Car

San José Vista Hermosa lies 128 km (80 miles) southwest of Mexico City’s international airport (2 hour drive) and 39.5 km (25 miles) southwest of Cuernavaca (40 minute drive). Major rental car agencies are available at Mexico City’s airport. For driving directions, see Maps.

Parking: Free parking is available at Hacienda Vista Hermosa for meeting participants.


Use your Uber App.
Prices for Uber from Mexico City’s airport to the venue: Approximately $ 60 US dollars.
If you wish for the meeting organizers to monitor your Uber trip in case you may need assistance from the airport to the venue contact the Meeting organizers.

By Taxi

Individuals arriving/departing outside the complimentary shuttle hours will need to arrange for their own transportation to Hacienda Vista Hermosa.

Taxis are available at Mexico City’s airport. Use only authorized taxis: Visit or ask the Meeting organizers for assistance.
Prices for taxis from Mexico City’s airport to the venue: TBA

Show Routes


Visa Requirements


Visa Letter Requests

Participants from countries that require a visa to visit Mexico can obtain a letter from the meeting organizers upon the completion of registration.

Please send an email to with your Registration ID and abstract title (if applicable) and a letter will be emailed to you.


About Morelos State

The State of Morelos lies on the land that was home to the Olmecs (ca. 200 BCE), the Toltecs and the Tlahuicas (ca. 1250 CE), who had advanced knowledge of astronomy and a highly developed agricultural system. After the fall of Tenochtitlan, Hernán Cortés subdued the Tlahuicas in Cuernavaca in 1521. These lands stayed in the Cortés family until 1809, when the government confiscated all of the lands of the Marquis.

It is located in South-Central Mexico and named in honor of José María Morelos y Pavón, who defended the city of Cuautla from royalist forces during the Mexican War of Independence (1810-1821).

Morelos has attracted visitors from the Valley of Mexico since Aztec times. Today, many people from Mexico City spend weekends in the state or own second homes there, especially in the Cuernavaca area, the capital city that was nicknamed "city of eternal spring" by Alexander von Humboldt.

Most of the state's art scene dates from the first half of the 20th century. After the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) a number of muralists came to the state and painted works with social and political messages in places such as the Palacio de Cortés and the Museo de la Tallera Siqueiros. Because of Cuernavaca's cultural tradition, many Mexican and foreign artists and writers have made the state their home.

The climate and vegetation varies from alpine meadows in the highest elevations near Popocatepetl to lowland rainforest in the south. Roughly 70% of the state has a humid and relatively warm climate, especially in the highly populated areas of Cuernavaca, Tepotzlán, Oaxtepec and Yautepec. Average temperature is approximately 25 °C (77 °F) year round, with a rainy season from May until September.


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